Welcome to the Wells County Democratic Party website.

Upholding our Democratic beliefs and values in Wells County, Indiana, and the City of Bluffton and towns of Ossian, Uniondale, Markle, Zanesville, Poneto, VeraCruz, and Liberty Center.

Our headquarters is located at 119 S. Johnson St. Bluffton, IN.

Elected Officials

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Michael Morrissey
Bluffton City Council, 3rd District



Chuck King
Wells Co. Council District 4

  • Married to Tammy for 30 years.  We have 1 daughter, Mallory.
  • Attend Life Church and participate in foreign mission work and environmental services in support of our Church.
  • Graduated from P.A. Allen-Bluffton High School.  Earned an A.A.S. Degree from Indiana Vocational Technical College.  Graduate of the Wells Co. Leadership Academy Levels I & II.
  • Community Service includes: 
    • Board of Directors of the Wells Co. Foundation, currently Secretary and Grants Committee member
    • Board of Directors of the Wells Co. Historical Society and Museum
    • Active member of – Wells County Chamber of Commerce, Friends of the Animal Shelter, and Ossian Business and Professional Association
    • Precinct Chairman
    • Upper Wabash River Basin Commission Detrash the Wabash Volunteer
  • Past Community Service includes:
    • Wells Co. Election Board member for 5 years
    • Bluffton Parks & Recreation Board member- President, Vice-President and Treasurer
    • Numerous Wells Co. United Way Campaigns
    • Wells Co. Democrat Party Chairman,  election poll worker, and State Convention delegate